I'm an app developer and a second-year university student at UCL School of Management. I am the creator and lead developer of BEKU, the most popular mobile game for parties and social gatherings in Hungary.



Creator and lead developer of the #1 social party game app in Hungary

An immensely popular app in Hungary, BEKU is a party game that groups of friends can use during their get-togethers to get to know each other better, enjoy exciting challenges, and have meaningful conversations. 3 years ago, after learning mobile development from an online course, I saw a very specific gap in the Hungarian app market, an exciting party game that’s enticing to people who want a fresh take on the party game genre, made with their native language and culture in mind.




UCL Design Sprint – 2020

I am proud to say that my team was a finalist in the UCL IMB Design Sprint with our product pitch about Green Buddy, a service that provides actionable insights and incentives to combat climate change based on user behaviour data.

UCL Business Simulation Game – 2021

The UCL Icarus Business Simulation Game put us in charge of a struggling fictional airport. As the CEO, my role was to make sure that my team is targeting the right KPIs and coordinate the final stages of the decision-making process. By the fourth week of the competition, our team had the 8th highest ROCE across all competitors.


2018 - 2020

Creator and Developer

Developed BEKU, a market-leading mobile game for parties and gatherings in Hungary with over 100,000 users. During the 2019 holiday period, BEKU was the #1 trending app in Apple’s App Store and the #8 top-grossing app in Google’s Play Store in Hungary.

Student Rental Solutions – 2017 - 2018

Assistant Manager

I was working full-time for Hungary’s largest apartment rental company for students. After two months of employment, I was promoted to lead the property management department. I was also in charge of the social media outlets of the company.

Romaversitas – 2016 - 2017


Romaversitas is an institution that helps young Roma students to pursue higher education. I've had the chance to take part in their work, by organising social media campaigns for their events.

Szivárvány Misszió – 2016


This non-profit is responsible for organising the annual Budapest Pride. I helped them by getting in contact with ambassadors attending the event.